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Solo Travelling is picking up pace in India

Solo Travelling for Woman is emerging as “The New way of Travelling”. According to a report by the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, more than half of all single-member over-night domestic trips made in India are by female travelers.

There are a variety of factors that are driving this trend. One among them is that the women are no longer dependent on the man of the house and are going out to work and earning their livelihood. This gives them the financial independence and also a sense of being self-independent and confident. A better economic status also motivates them to travel on their own terms and convenience. Women are also increasingly understanding their “Self Worth” and the importance of “ME” Time in their lives. They too want to take a break from their families, relatives, and even kids to travel not just alone, but with other women travelers and friends and get to know the world from a different perspective.

Another important factor is better communication methods, which has led to better connectivity. Initially, with no mobile phones, you could not be constantly in touch with your loved ones to let them know about your safety and security. That said, the risks are not completely eliminated but are certainly reduced to a great extent. You can always let others know about your whereabouts and seek help if required. The women are now more open to the idea of traveling alone and are ready to break the barriers that were self created and initially were able to stop them from exploring their own selves and the beautiful world.


Quite a lot of females have started thinking about “Solo Travel” as means to venture out on solo trips and disconnect themselves with their often-hectic daily routines, work, and home, in favor of reconnecting with themselves in a different environment. Now instead of concentrating on your family and running around kids, you're fully in the moment and soaking it all up with an opportunity to push your limits and break out from your comfort zone. Authentic, local experiences are also important and what we read in history books and Geography Books, are all forgotten and we live in an age of disconnect where we are all increasingly are lost behind our screens. We really need to have a real life and reconnect with nature.

It is from these thoughts and dreams, as a woman, Women Voyagers came into existence. We at Women Voyagers have ensured that every Solo Female Traveller is given prime importance and is safe and secure with us. You travel like a Diva and enjoy the journey. We take care of your Logistical concerns and all the routes and travels are mapped out taking your convenience into consideration.

Come and join us in traveling the world, explore unchartered territories & experience how it feels to fly like a free bird in the sky.