FAQs for Solo and Women Group travellers

Women Voyagers has been especially created for the Adventures, Enthusiastic Woman like YOU. Women Voyagers is a travel initiative that organizes all-women trips as per your desire and dreams. The tour is accompanied by a Representative from Women Voyagers, a woman with zest and zeal, truly passionate about travel as you are. We want you to be confident, and relaxed during your holiday with us.
We are a travel company who believe in the liberation of women travel and upliftment of her social status. It is a community for like minded women travellers who join us from all parts of the country. A single window travel facility that offers tours, flight tickets, visa, insurance, forex and other travel related requirements. We typically invite you to travel to destinations that are offbeat locations and that suits your convenience and flexibility.
Dear adventuress ladies the answer lies within you all. As rightly written in the Bible : Ask and you shall be given, Seek and you shall find, and Women Voyagers believes in giving what you want and provides a unique experience for Travel Buffs like You. Women Voyagers has been created to satisfy your quest in your own luxurious and innovative way.
  • 2500 Rupees is non-refundable.
  • Complete refund (except 2500) if canceled between 70 days – 60 days before departure.
  • 75% refund if canceled between 60 days 45 days before departure.
  • 50% refund if canceled between 45 days – 30 days before departure.
  • 25% refund if canceled between 30 days – 25 days before departure.
  • No refund after that.
We, at Women Voyagers will show you, your reason why you deserve happiness and experience, the light hearted pleasure of exploring. Our women-only getaways are packed with shopping, culinary treats and unique experiences, like-minded women to ensure you “Travel Like A Goddess”.
Trust is based on experience, if a company / brand has delivered only positive experiences then the trust level grows. This goes for both products and services — and of course, above and beyond everything: the level of customer service experience. We can’t fall in love with a brand or product the first time we see it; we can become totally enamored of a service after using it the first time. Some of us may not even be able to answer the ‘why’, but something made us listen when the brand said ‘choose us! And give us an opportunity to serve you.
Loss of luggage, passport or any personal belongings during the trip.
Health issues declared or undeclared prior to undertaking the trips. Your Health and Medical History is your Private Information, but you must share this information with the tour operator, so that we can help you in any emergency. Please don’t hide your medical information, its for your safety and security. Rest assured your medical history will remain confidential with us.

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