The Adventurous Lady Behind Women Voyagers - Minna Francis

My childhood days were carefree and without a wrinkle or a frown on my forehead. I would always get inspired by ebullience of birds, migrating here and there, charging their feathers with vivicity and symbolizing their freedom in their own stride. I always envied them and wanted to be like one of them, fly high in the sky and touch the clouds.

But Karma had some other plans, and it flipped my coin, and crowned me with social responsibilities, family and corporate imprisonment, sentenced me the same 0900 - 1700 hrs routine. Despite of these circumstances, i somehow revived my dream of being a wanderlust. Slowly i anaylized that the majority of women got tied by the chains of so called "Societal Pressures", and even orthodox mindset.

Moreover, the society only allow us to travel, only if we stick any masculine personality with us. I wanted to do something about that, maybe the fear of being unknown draws my footsteps back at first. From more than 20 years, i have been planning and managing travels and vacations for my bosses, colleagues and friends. Being applauded by others and positive responses, assist my footsteps forward and i came up with Women Voyagers (Women Voyagers). This is entirely for 'her'. From backpacking to the millennium milestone, we are there for you. Fill in your life with the undying enthusiasm, revive the inner wanderlust in you. Come with us, away from these norms.

I always dreamt of going to far away places, but it wasn’t always possible due to my responsibilities for family and may be the fear of the unknown. And this is not only my story, in fact this is a story that every woman who exists on this planet called Earth. Vacation for a female in any household usually means “Going to the place where either your hubby wants to have some adventure or your kids want to enjoy”, but what about you? What about your dreams to go to far away places and enjoy the serene surroundings. You have your own dreams, your own aspirations. You also have need “Me Time” to unwind yourself.

I have working experience of more than 20 years and all my working life I have planned and managed travels and vacations for my bosses, colleagues and friends. I have always been acknowledged and appreciated for my immaculate planning and execution. Now I want to take this passion of mine forward to the next level and start something which is especially for Women, Ladies and Girls. Hence WomenVoyagers (Women Voyagers) was born. Women Voyagers is for Only You and towards fulfilling Your Travel Dreams and Aspirations.

Give Women Voyagers a chance to prove us that we are a shade better than others in the Market. Fill your life with adventures and not things. Turn you travel diary into a memory or a story rather than just a photo on Facebook, Instagram or social media.

Our Mantra : “The World is a book and those who DO NOT travel read only the Front Page”.

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